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Koskii believes in showcasing the undeniable beauty of real women. Take a look at the stunning transformations of our TOP 10 Koskii Super Brides.

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Koskii’s collection of Indian ethnic occasion wear; sarees, lehengas, salwars and kurti’s are carefully handpicked for that girl inside you and every special occasion in your life. Only because you don’t just wear Koskii, you wear the occasion.
Celebrate Koskii. Celebrate yourself.
Bridal Lehenga
Green and Pink lehenga
Peach party wear

Decades of experience in retailing and sourcing are reflected not just in our understanding of style and design exclusivity but also in how we enhance your shopping experience. It determines our belief in building meaningful relationships; with our clients, suppliers and karigars who continue to accompany us as we grow.

We are a fourth generation team with complimentary skills in retail, corporate and IT that have enabled us to occupy a niche position in the occasion-wear category. We take deep pride in being a legacy retail business that is rooted in its past and continues to grow into the future.


  • Umar Akhtar - CEO CoFounder of Koskii


    CEO / C0Founder
    Umar completed his Master’s degree in Commerce while being fully involved with retail operations from the age of seventeen. He then worked in the software industry on assignments in India, Canada, US, UK, Central Europe and Singapore. His eighteen year career culminated in helping set up and head the Singapore operations of ThoughtWorks, a leading technology driven consultancy. He was simultaneously steering the retail business with a farsighted vision that accelerated our expansion into multiple outlets. He has now returned to his roots in retail and India to take over the reins of the business and set new directions.
  • Sameen eajaz - COO CoFounder of Koskii


    COO / CoFounder
    Sameen acquired a Master’s degree in Computer Applications and worked for over a decade at Phillips on cutting edge technology and building world class products ranging from audio and video coding to robotics and embedded software as well as thermoregulation for neonates. He quit his successful technology career in 2014 to apply his management skills and exposure to international best practises to further grow the business. He spearheaded our Commercial Street expansion and also set up our online presence. He leads operations and manages our brand strategies for new marketplaces.
  • HAROON RASHID - Chief Product Officer / CoFounder


    Chief Product Officer / CoFounder
    Haroon has been rooted in retail since the age of twelve when he helped out with the business in Kolar after school. While completing his graduation with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, he grew into overseeing all retail operations. He also began travelling regularly to craft centres across the length and breadth of the country to manage the supply chain and source exquisite products for the store collections. As Chief Product Officer, his extensive insights and observations acquired over the years help us offer the best of Indian apparel, textile and embroidery traditions at the store.
  • AYESHA SAUBIA - Design & Merchandising

    Ayesha Saubia

    Design & Merchandising
    With a flair for design, qualified in visual arts from Chitrakala Parishat, Ayesha brings renewed energy and freshness to brand Koskii. An artist at heart, she creates dazzling colour combinations on canvas and has expressed her creativity through various mediums including paintings, illustrations, sketching, sculpture and other art forms. Her uncanny ability to help brands express their identities and personality led her into the digital space where she began to transform her creations into digital works of art. Ayesha currently sets directions for Design and Merchandising at Koskii.


The term `karigar’, means `artisan’ in Hindustani. It is used to describe someone who is equipped with the specialised skills involved in making things by hand.This knowledge and expertise was usually handed down for generations within a guild or family by skilled karigars who were masters of their craft.

India has a centuries old art and craft heritage that includes rich textile weaving traditions as well as surface pattern and embellishment techniques like printing, dyeing and embroidery. They impart a unique look and feel to fabric lengths and stitched garments. Indian embroidery traditions involve working intricate designs onto fabric with delicate cotton, silk, silver and gold metal thread. It was embellished with sequins and precious stones and favoured by royalty to evoke a sense of luxury and opulence.

We invite you to free your imagination and give shape to your creativity with customised orders for zardosi embroidery at our Karigari Studio. Come create the perfect outfit that is truly and uniquely, yours.

Our product catalogues and e-commerce options will soon be available for you to shop online. Find your perfect outfit at a store near you in the meantime.
32, 11th Main Road, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore - 560011
103 Commercial Street (Below Eastern Stores), Bangalore - 560001
14-15/1, Kamaraj Road (Off Commercial Street), Bangalore - 560001
750, Chickpet main road, Chickpet, Bangalore - 560053
1, Ahamed Complex, AM Street, Shivajinagar, Bangalore - 560001

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